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Overseas Holiday Home Insurance

What is Overseas Holiday Home Insurance?

The idea of owning a holiday home abroad is exciting. However, to ensure you and your guests can enjoy getaways to a new destination, it’s worth considering Abroad Holiday Home Insurance as a means of protecting your property. Owning and maintaining an overseas holiday home can sometimes come with its share of potential problems. If you’re unable to regularly be present at your overseas property, like you are at your main property, there’s a chance that issues like fire, flooding, burst pipes, or vandalism could arise. Holiday Home Insurance for your properties abroad differs from protecting your main residence, as your second property may be rented out to paying guests, and it may also be left empty for prolonged periods of time.

Why do you need Overseas Holiday Home Insurance?

Overseas properties tend to remain unoccupied for longer periods compared to your primary residence. As a result, this situation can increase the risk of financial setbacks due to potential risks like vandalism, fires, floods, and more. A standard Home Insurance policy does not provide coverage for properties that are left vacant for more than 30 consecutive days, as such properties are considered to have a higher level of risk. Hence, obtaining a specialised insurance policy for your properties abroad is essential. If you are renting out an overseas property, it is highly advisable to obtain Public Liability Insurance Cover, which can help to protect you financially in case a member of the public sustains injuries while on your property.

What countries can we cover?

Our Abroad Holiday Home Insurance, here at Wye Insurance, can help to provide cover for popular British tourist destinations like France, Portugal and Spain and many more.

Can I get regular Home Insurance for overseas holiday homes?

Standard home insurance policies do not provide coverage for buildings left unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time, as they are deemed to pose a higher and more substantial risk. Therefore, a regular Home Insurance policy would not suffice when looking to insure your overseas holiday home.