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Do you need Holiday Home Insurance?

If you own and operate a holiday home, chances are you need insurance. It’s wonderful to have a holiday home, whether it’s for friends and family, or as part of a business – but please make sure you are covered for unexpected eventualities.

Standard home insurance most likely won’t cover your holiday home, as it will be unoccupied for much longer periods than a standard home. Whilst you aren’t required by law to have holiday home insurance, you may find a mortgage lender requires it, even if not a requirement it is certainly important to consider. You won’t be there full time to look after the property as you might be for your standard home, and you may be renting it out to paying guests. This means your holiday is open to the risk of break ins, leaks, fires, and general damage.

Our holiday home insurance caters for people who have a separate holiday home at another address or additional outbuildings on their own land that are used as a holiday home (including Air B&B rentals).

We can cover properties that are used as a second home just for family and friends, or we can provide a business insurance package for holiday homes that are commercially let out to the public.

What can be included in Holiday Home Insurance?

Cover can also be extended to swimming pools, hot tubs, play areas (even including bouncy castles).

Why trust Wye Insurance with your Holiday Home?

As specialists in Holiday Home insurance, we are used to the quirks that come with holiday homes. We have helped many customers insure their holiday homes and our knowledgable staff will draw on their experience to assess what the correct cover would be for you. Wye Insurance has been providing insurance broker services for over 25 years. We are part of The County Group (a nationwide group of brokers), and so are able to offer exclusive rates, meaning better prices for you.

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