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Do you need Holiday Home Insurance?

What is Classed as a Holiday Home?

A holiday home refers to a residential building that is primarily utilised to offer temporary accommodation for short-stay guests, as opposed to serving as a permanent place of residence. Holiday homes are commonly owned by individuals or families for recreational purposes. They are situated in diverse settings like coastal areas, mountain resorts, or countryside spots, and are frequently rented out to holidaymakers when not in use by the owners.

What is Holiday Home Insurance?

Holiday Home Insurance is a specialised form of Home Insurance that can provide coverage for your secondary property, regardless of whether you choose to rent it out or keep it solely for personal use. This is a crucial factor to take into account, regardless of whether your property is located within the UK, or abroad. Holiday Home Insurance can help to cover you for both the building, its contents, or both combined into one policy. It can also cover your property and belongings for loss or damage due to events like theft, flood, storms, escape of water, fire or more unforeseen events.

Why do you need Holiday Home Insurance?

Though not mandatory, obtaining home insurance for your holiday property is highly recommended for several reasons. Holiday Home Insurance aims to provide Home Insurance coverage for properties that you may not consider to be your main residence. Still, you could use it for purposes such as going on holiday, renting out to guests, or even both. Holiday homes can be left unoccupied for more than 30 days a year, so are more vulnerable to theft and weather-related damages. Having insurance cover for your holiday homes can also protect your home’s contents, especially if others are using the property, as this leaves you more prone to accidents and breakages.

Who does our Holiday Home Insurance cater for?  

Our Holiday Home Insurance can cater for people who have a separate holiday home at another address, or additional outbuildings on their own land that are used as a holiday home (including Air B&B rentals).

We can cover properties that are used as a second home just for family and friends, or we can provide a business insurance package for holiday homes that are commercially let out to the public.

What can be included in Holiday Home Insurance?

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